We will continue meeting for online psychotherapy sessions using the Telehealth platform Doxy.me as we have been since March 2020. Starting in September 2021, however, meeting in-person will also become optional, integrating mask-wearing, social-distancing guidelines, as well as proof of vaccine as needed. The hybrid individualized psychotherapy session version will continue at least throughout the period of the declared public health emergency in the state of NY.

Online Psychotherapy Session Guidelines

An online psychotherapy session is not the same thing as meeting for psychotherapy in person. It is also not the same as a typical phone conversation or Skype/FaceTime call. Listed below are guidelines on how to get the most benefit out of remote psychotherapy sessions.


  1. Please make sure that you are in a private space during the session, one where it is unlikely that you will be heard or interrupted. You may need to ask others with whom you share space to do things like turning on entertainment in another room or listening to headphones.

  2. Turn off or put to sleep all devices other than the one you are using to make the call, including watches, laptops and other phones. Quit all programs other than the one we are using and turn off all notifications.

  3. Try to settle into a workspace at home, and if possible use the same space for each session. Try to arrange for yourself a session-like environment, avoid laying in bed.

  4. Have a box of tissues and a glass of water nearby. Avoid having a snack or a meal during the session.

  5. Try to leave yourself a 15 minute downtime period before and after the online psychotherapy session.



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Online Psychotherapy Policies and Procedures

1.  Privacy: The Doxy.me virtual video conferencing platform is HIPAA compliant. Privacy

     data is protected in that all audio/video communication is securely encrypted and transmitted from point-        to-point such that nobody has access to any identifiable health information that may be communicated.

2.  Payment: The same payment policies apply to virtual psychotherapy sessions as to in-person sessions, only        the available payment options are check (sent via postal mail) or Venmo. 

3.  Cancellation: Just as with in-person psychotherapy sessions, virtual psychotherapy sessions may be

     cancelled 24 hours in advance by notifying me either via telephone, (917) 678-5590 or, via e-mail at    

     annebjoelle@gmail.com in order to avoid incurring the charge of a full session fee.